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About Us - Valstar Printer Solutions
For the BEST Refurbishing of Laser Printers in the Industry

warehouse boxedValstar Printer Solutions, home of North America's #1 source for refurbished printers online.  Your refurbished printer source for: Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark Refurbished Laser Printers SAVE up to 75% off new laser printer prices!
  • High-quality refurbished printers - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
  • ONE YEAR Refurbished Printer Warranty
  • Exclusive 23-Step Refurbished Printer Process
Founded in 1998, Valstar Printer Solutions has spent the last decade providing the highest quality refurbished HP laser printers, Lexmark laser printers, as well as IBM laser printers to the IT industry's largest and most successful printer service companies.  In an environment where many un-worthy competitors cut corners and produce low reliability products, Valstar Printer Solutions stands alone.
What is a Valstar Printers refurbished printer?
Valstar Printer Solutions' printers are generally off-lease printers that have been pulled from a working environment.  Meaning, these were fully functioning printers even before being refurbished.  Once at our facility, we select only the best printers for refurbishing by thoroughly testing and inspecting each printer BEFORE the refurbishing process.
Each Valstar Printer Solutions' fully refurbished printer goes through a high-quality Valstar Printer's Exclusive 23-Step Laser Printer Refurbishing Process, guaranteeing you will receive the best refurbished printer in the market.  Each refurbished printer is refurbished on-site in our own refurbished printer lab, allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality control.

Valstar Printer Solutions' Exclusive 23-Step Refurbishing Process

  1. Quality Control Check #1 Initial evaluation for obvious defects (Valstar keeps only the best printers to refurbish)
  2. Test all printers for any errors or potential print problems
  3. Firmware upgraded to latest manufacturer's version
  4. Printer is stripped down to the chassis for further inspection of gears, rollers, swing arms, and other commonly worn parts
  5. Interior of printer is thoroughly cleaned.  Excess toner removed.
  6. Evaluate basic elements of the printer to determine to replace or refurbish
  7. Install a high-quality rebuilt fuser
  8. Replace high-wear parts such as gears and rollers
  9. Quality Control Check #2:  Test fuser  to ensure printing results are clean, even and within manufacturer's specifications
  10. Inspect and/or replace any cracked or broken plastics
  11. Repaint any plastics that have discolored over time
  12. Verify and test printer's memory, connectivity ports (i.e. USB, parallel and/or network card)
  13. Fix any known error codes
  14. Clear Error Code from system
  15. Reset printer to original equipment manufacturer factor defaults
  16. Quality Control Check #3:  Test print quality, again
  17. Quality Control Check #4 Test different tray functionalities
  18. Adjust print registration/alignment on all trays
  19. Quality Control Check #5:  Test different print modes - duplex, fax, scan, multiple pages, ADF, etc.
  20. Quality Control Check #6:  Final quality control testing-test pages to send out with printer
  21. Again, meticulously cleaned externally and internally
  22. Quality Control Check #7 Final Inspection -
    • thoroughly cleaned, inside and out
    • test pages good and included with printer
    • serial numbers match
    • all parts of printer completed and included
    • printer visually pleasing
  23. Professionally and carefully boxed to prevent damage during shipping
As an online printer dealer, we make sure that each printer is meticulously and consistently dismantled, and all high wear parts are replaced. That's what we mean completely refurbished printers. Our finished products are scrubbed or painted to appear and function as new units. All printers are then set to the original factory specifications so they not only perform like new, they look like new as well.
We offer warranties on all our refurbished printers too, which makes the buying decision that much easier. Buying one of our refurbished printers online is a very economical, efficient process.
Here's what Valstar's online buyers had to say:

 Valstar Warehouse

  • *5* Stars - A+ - John W., Buyer
  • *5* Stars - Everything was great! - Dennis M., Buyer
  • *5* Stars - Great Price, Excellent Service, Highly Recommended (Beyond the Call of Duty- Really!) - Bob L., Buyer
  • *5* Stars - Good product and excellent service - Muhammad S., Buyer
  • *5* Stars - High recommend this seller, 5 star , Excellent , A+++ , will buy from them again - Kang-chun L., Buyer
  • *5* Stars - Good Seller - Danny, Buyer
Valstar Printer Solutions also offers laser printer parts and supplies online, so you will have everything you need for your refurbished printer to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Of the printer that you drop shipped for us, the customer wrote, Product was in great shape, great packaging, test pages, etc. This is EXACTLY the type of company we want doing our drop shipping for us.   We hope to be doing more business with you next year."     
Rick, Team One Repair, Reseller

Buy your refurbished printer with confidence from Valstar Printer Solutions. Each of our refurbished laser printers come with a Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, simply return your refurbished printer for a full refund. It gets even better...most of our laser printers come with a full ONE Year Warranty. That's often a better warranty than you receive when purchasing a brand new printer.


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Take a look at our testimonials and purchase with confidence.  We are pleased and excited to be able to provide you with the finest refurbished printers available in the market today. 




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At Valstar Printer Solutions we specialize in refurbished
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